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    2013Meng-Yuan Tsai, Mao-Suan Huang, Li-Kai Chen, Yun-Dun Shen, Ming-Hong Lin, Yi-Chen Chiang, Keng-Liang Ou, Shih-Fu Ou*,Surface properties of copper-incorporated diamond-like carbon films deposited via a hybrid magnetron sputtering deposition, Ceramic International,Shih-Fu Ou
    2013Shih-Fu Ou, Chin-Sung Chen, Hossein Hosseinkhani, Chih-Hua Yu, Yun-Dun Shen, Keng-Liang Ou,Surface properties of nano-structural silicon-doped carbon films for biomedical applications,International Journal of Nanotechnology,Shih-Fu Ou
    2013S. F. Hsieh, Albert W. j., S. L. Chen, H. C. Lin, K. L. Ou and P. L. Mao,EDM surface characteristics and shape recovery ability of Ti35.5Ni48.5Zr16 and Ni60Al24.5Fe15.5 ternary shape memory alloys,J. Alloys and compounds,571,pp63-68Shy-Feng Hsieh
    2013 Shi-Yung Chiou, Cui-FengWang, Shih-FuOu, Keng-LiangOu,Zhang-Ting Tsai,Development of electrically conductive zirconia Part1:The optimal process parameters and mechanical properties, Ceramics International,39,pp5705-5712Shi-Yung Chiou
    2013Shi-Yung Chiou, Shih-Fu Ou, Yu-Gou Jang, Keng-Liang Ou,Research on CBN/TiC composites Part1:Effects of the cBN content and sintering process on the hardness and transverse rupture strength, Ceramics International,39,pp7205-7210Shi-Yung Chiou
    2013Albert W.-J. Hsue*, M.-T. Yan, C.-H. Chung,Effective Pulses Discriminator and Control Strategy for High Speed Direct-Drive Electrical Discharge Machining,Journal of the Chinese Society of Mechanical Engineers,34,2,pp167-176Albert Wen-Jeng Hsue
    2013S. F. Hsieh, Albert W. J. Hsue, S. L. Chen, M. H. Lin, K. L. Ou,EDM surface characteristics and shape recovery ability of Ti35.5Ni48.5Zr16 and Ni60Al24.5Fe15.5 ternary shape memory alloys, Journal of Alloys and Compounds,571,pp63-68Albert Wen-Jeng Hsue
    2013Chung-Ching Lee, H. C. Cheng, Oct,Pick-Up Mechanism of Stamping and Drawing Tooling- 6-Bar Design Example,Newsletter of the Chinese Society of Mechanism and Machine Theory,24,5,
    2013Chung-Ching Lee and J. M. Herv?,,Oblique Circular Tours, Villarceau circles, and Four Types of Bennett Linkages,Proc. IMechE, Part C: J.Mechanical Engineering Science,
    2012Cheng-Hsien Wu, Cheng-Hao Chiu,Research and Development about Error Analysis of Hot-Embossing for Double-Sided Microstructures. ,Advanced Science Letters, (SCI)Cheng-Hsien Wu
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