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    2004Kuo-Long Lee and Kao-Hua Chang,Endochronic Simulation for Viscoplastic Collapse of Long, Thick-Walled Tubes under External Pressure and Axial Tension,Structural Engineering and Mechanics - An International Journal,18,pp5-627Kao-Hua Chang
    2004 H. Ay,Apollo-III Solar Car,Chinese Journal of Solar Energy and New Energy,9,1,pp13-17Herchang AY
    2003H. Ay,Admixture Effect of Lance Arrangement on Pulverized Coal Injection, J. of Flow Visualization and Image Processing,10,1,pp143-154Herchang AY
    2003C.-H. Huang, I.-C. Yuan, and H. Ay,A Three-Dimensional Inverse Problem in Imaging the Local Heat Transfer Coefficients for Plate Finned-tube Heat Exchangers,Int. J. of Heat and Mass Transfer,46,19,pp3629-3638Herchang AY
    2002H. Ay, J.-Y. Jang and J.-N. Yeh,Local Heat Transfer Measurements Of Plate Finned-tube Heat Exchangers By Infrared Thermography,Int. J. of Heat and Mass Transfer,45,20,pp4069-4078Herchang AY
    2001J.-Y. Jang, K.-P. Shieh, and H. Ay,3-D Thermal-Hydraulic Analysis in Convex Louver Finned -Tube Heat Exchangers,ASHRAE Transactions,107,pp503-509Herchang AY
    20002000,4,pp33-39 (EI)Albert Wen-Jeng Hsue
    19991999,39,pp651-667 (SCI)Albert Wen-Jeng Hsue
    19991999,87,pp69-81 (SCI)Albert Wen-Jeng Hsue
    1999 H. Ay,,Solar Car Design and Manufacture – Nantai Apollo I, Chinese Journal of Solar Energy,4,1,pp32-34Herchang AY
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