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9 Months 5 Days Ago

American Single Women

Addicted To Love

Free Dating

Sam Mendes

Are Age Differences a Barrier to Romance?

There is More to Life Than Being Someone’s Wife.

How To Go Out Alone Without Being Alone

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How To Be Irresistible to White Men

The New Rules of Attraction

Why Women Should Not Approach Men First

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Vetting Men

Differentiate Yourself Online...Or Just Look Like Every Other Chick

What’s Wrong With Being Exotic?

P” Power

Savvy About Dating Online

The New Baby Daddy

Have Women Forgotten That They’re The Prize?

Avoid Becoming His "Mini-Wife"

Yes, The Man Pays!

How To Not Completely Screw Up Valentine’s Day

I saw his list for the type of woman he wants, and basically everything was physical. not like we were looking anyway.

But I found that most men tended to be more demanding than woman. And usually they are the ones making their pickings slimer than ours.

I remember and episode on the doctor phil show where a white guy was in his early 30's was still a virgin. Okay...but here were his requirements of a woman

*she had to be skinny
*blond, blue eyes
*no kids
*and also a virgin
(there's more to that list but i can't remember)

I'm thinkin, dude where are you going to find that. And mind you he wasn't any eye piece himself, nor was he finding any dates...yet he still went by this list. Dr.Phil told him basically that he has to open himself to all women, otherwise he'll continue on this lonely path. I don't know if he's changed since then.

But you are correct Zabeth men are just as picky as women, if not worst.
2020-09-18 PM 11:14
1 Year 4 Months Ago

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2020-02-25 PM 5:23

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