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9 Months 15 Days Ago

A ranking of the most popular facial devices based on user reviews! Check out not only the good reviews, but also the neutral and bad reviews!

Iris Oyama "Tiara Mist"

I bought it because it was reasonably priced, but it didn't mist well unless I diluted the lotion. Also, the cap on the tank that holds the lotion is loose, so the lotion was leaking. The cap of the tank for the lotion was too loose, and the lotion leaked out. This is the second one I am using now, and the cap is still loose. So far, it hasn't leaked, but I'm sure it will soon. As for the usability, it seems to be the same as other companies' products. The mist is cold. I used it on top of my make-up, and it felt moisturizing.

L&L Skin MIO2

The price is low at about 10,000 yen, and the fact that it has an ion introduction function and is small and portable is good. But is the performance inferior for that? I've been using this facial massager for a month now, but I don't feel any noticeable effects. It also requires a special serum, so I'm not sure if the landing is cheap or not.

Beauty Makeup "New Ion Beauty

If you buy the serum for at least 6 months as part of your subscription, you get a free ion-introduction facial device worth 39,900 yen.

Dinos "Lift Magic"

It was a good price, but I've been using it and it's really changed my skin. It's good for sagging skin! I was told that it was good for sagging skin, but I feel like my whole face has become a little smaller. It's easy to use, so I think I can keep using it.

Rafis Cosmetics "SWING

I bought this facial beauty device at an esthetic salon. It cost about 80,000 yen and was very expensive. It has ultrasonic, ion-introduction, extraction, and EMS functions. I've used other facial machines before, but this is the only one that has an EMS function. When I put it on my cheeks, it makes my muscles twitch. It really tightened up my face. Using it every day is definitely a hassle, but this was convenient in that I could use it in the bath. It's a little bigger than a cell phone, so I can charge it and take it with me on trips. The only drawback is that it's expensive and can probably only be bought at beauty salons. I also want it to be cheaper. There is also a special gel, but you can substitute it with something else.

Mikimoto Pearly

It makes my make-up look better, lasts longer, and nourishes my skin even when I wear make-up.

I bought an ultrasonic beauty device from an acquaintance called "Pearly" which is produced by Mikimoto Cosmetics, famous for pearls. I like it very much because it lifts and moisturizes my face.

National Estienne Sonic Shape

I have severe sagging skin, and cosmetics, massages, and facial exercises have had no effect on it. First, the corners of my mouth lifted. Also, the sagging under my eyes has improved, although I should avoid the eye area.

2021-12-15 PM 8:29

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