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Microsoft Excel is the most used spreadsheet program in Microsoft office. Excel is a must-know tool for all people. Excel is used by everyone, from large corporations to small entrepreneurs to students at school and college. We will show you how to use Microsoft Excel basic in simple and easy steps. Office.Com/Myaccount
How to save and create a Spreadsheet ?
Open the Microsoft Excel app
There are two ways to open Excel in different Windows versions.
To locate the Excel icon, first go to "Start" then "Programs".
Start Screen, press Windows key + Z and then click on All Apps bar.
Create a new workbook
Click "File" to continue "New".
Choose "Blank Workbook" and then "Create". An empty workbook will be created.
Keep the workbook safe
Click on the File menu, and choose "Save as."
Select a file location to save, then enter the name in "File name" field.
Prepare your worksheet for data storage
Excel workbook defaults to 3 worksheets. You can open Sheet 1 by default. This tab is located at the bottom.
Name a sheet
Right-click on the Sheet 1 tab.
Click "Rename" to add the new name.
Save often
Once you have entered data, you can save it. Use the "Ctrl+S” key to save your data.
Excel: Entering and managing data
Begin by entering data into the cells in the worksheet
You can start with only one column or row, but you can enter all data on the sheet.
Type the data in to the cell by going to a cell.
Double-click the cell in the spreadsheet to edit it.
How cells are structured
By default, the "General" format is used. However, you can modify the settings for each cell.
Formatting can also be modified using the "Home" tab, such as changing a date, time or currency.
You can however change the font or style using the "Fonts" sections in the "Home".
Sort the data
Choose the data that you wish to sort. You can choose single columns, multiple columns, or include text titles.
Select the Data tab, and then click "" to display the Sort dialog box.
In the "Sort By" box, select the column that you wish to sort. In the "Sort By" box, you will see the title of your columns.
You can choose to select values or a cell icon. You can select Sort On "" if you have already entered text.
Choose the alphabet order you wish to use for the sort operation. You can choose to either ascend or descend.
Filter your data
You can filter the data by selecting one or more columns.
Select the Data tab and click "Filter", in the Sort and filter section.
To see the full list, click the arrow.
To see the results, select the values that you wish to use and then click "OK". The rest of the data will then be hidden. You can then view the filtered data.
You can restore the data by clicking the "Clear” option in the Sort & filter section of the Data Tab.
Basic Calculations 
For basic column addition, use the sum function
Click on the empty column below the column you wish to add together.
To the right of the home tab, click the "AutoSum” symbol.
The total column of numbers will be displayed by selecting the empty cell a second times.
Use your own formula to add numbers
You can add numbers that do not lie in one column if you wish. You can also make your own formula to add.
To see the sum, click on the empty cell you prefer.
Click = sign and then type the column number and row number that correspond to your first number (e.g. B2).
Click on the + sign, then click on next cell or row number that corresponds to your second number. Example: B 2+C 5. Continue this process until you have chosen all the numbers that you want to add together. Then press Enter to see the final result.
Select the data to create a chart
Locate the Insert tab and Charts group.
Click on the chart type and sub-type.
You can create a table by choosing a number of cells to be made into a tableau
You can either have all the data in the cells or just some.
Locate the Styles and Home tabs. Click on the Home tab >Styles>Format as Table.
Choose the style of table.
These guidelines should help you use MS Excel easily. If you need more information about Microsoft Office Suite, please contact us. Www.Office.Com/Myaccount

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