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Who has ever had itchy eyes and itchy eyes and want to scratch into the eyeball, you may be at risk of "allergy to the conjunctiva" Sanook Health has data from Assoc. Faculty of Medicine Siriraj Hospital Mahidol University from Mahidol Channel
What is "conjunctivitis"?
Conjunctivitis It is a symptom of an allergy that causes symptoms in the conjunctiva. It is similar to the symptoms of allergies in other areas. Of the body that causes a rash on the skin Or stuffy, runny nose
Conjunctivitis Most of the time, the conjunctiva will be examined both below and above the conjunctiva. A blister on the lower and upper conjunctiva Or if the symptoms are severe, may see a blister around the black eye, etc.
People with allergies on other parts In the body already, such as air allergies, skin allergies, etc. May have a higher risk of allergic conjunctiva than normal people.
Causes that cause allergic conjunctiva symptoms
Various dust While cleaning
Animal dung, insect fragments such as cockroaches that may float in the air while cleaning.
Mold in the air vent
Dust mites from furniture such as curtains, mattresses, pillows, etc.
Allergy symptoms of the conjunctiva
Especially itchy eyes I want to rub my eyes all the time.
Red conjunctiva
Found a small grain. The size is like a grain of sand in the eye.
There may be mucus in the eyes in the morning.
Persistent symptoms
The danger of allergic conjunctiva
Conjunctivitis Do not have severe symptoms that lead to blindness But with symptoms that come and go and rarely cure May be annoying Causing difficulties in daily life
How to treat allergic conjunctiva
When seeing a doctor to check for symptoms Your doctor may prescribe eye drops for use. Usually there is no need to take medicine. In addition, your doctor will advise you to avoid anything that causes an allergic reaction. However, the patient must also observe his or her symptoms, when symptoms are from, and lots of rest. And exercise to build the immune system
2021-02-02 PM 3:15

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